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The Centre for Digital Transformation in Cities and Communities works with research and innovation projects and partnerships that address the digitalisation that is increasingly shaping our cities and communities. Located at Aarhus University, the centre has a human-centric approach to digitalisation and technology applications.

DITCOM Annual Report 2020

Take a look at DITCOM's Annual Report for 2020 [PDF] - a challenging but fruitfull year. You can find last year's highlights, projects, events, publications and much more, as well as an overview of the centre and its networks and partnerships, and see what is planned for the upcoming years.

DITCOM Annual Report 2020

Highlight: Learn how to scale with the SynchroniCity guide

SynchroniCity, as a project, has ended. We are hoping that the learnings from the project will live on and inspire others to develop scalable digital solutions for cities and communities. We have made a video and a guide that explain how to scale with the OASC MIMs. Watch the video below and find the complete guide here.


2021.09.07 | Publication

NGIoT report on IoT and Edge Computing – Opportunities for Europe

NGIoT recently presented a new report on “IoT and Edge Computing: Opportunities for Europe: Takeaways from the NGIoT Workshops on IoT and Edge Computing Towards the NGIoT IoT Research and Innovation Roadmap, 2020/2021”.

2021.04.19 | Events

International Webinar - Using Data to Build a Better & Inclusive Society

The importance of data to cities and our society is undeniable. As we increasingly use analytics to better understand our world, we become prepared to develop and implement more inclusive public policies and digital tools as well as deliver better targeted services. The webinar “Using Data to Build a Better and Inclusive Society” had senior…

2021.03.26 | Events

Danish Webinar: Smart Cities - What are the next steps?

Cities and companies in Denmark are becoming more and more ready to use smart city solutions, but they still have uncertainties about the market and how to enter it. To help overcome them, the webinar “Smart city - sådan kommer vi videre” aimed to help take the next steps towards implementing smart city solutions.

2021.01.12 | DITCOM

Rural Smart Communities: boosting rural economies through large-scale pilots

The EU is launching a new €30 million initiative, with rural digital service platforms, innovation ecosystems, the smart village approach, and standards at the forefront. Entering Europe’s Digital Decade, the European way of digital transformation Living-in.EU provides minimal – but sufficient – interoperability of data, systems and services…

2020.11.30 | Events

EC Report on IoT and Edge Computing Workshop

The international 11 September 2020 workshop on Internet of Things and Edge Computing discussed the opportunities that the seismic shift from Cloud to Edge offers for Europe. The workshop provided insights into the requirements for orchestration with cloud services, the importance of integrating connectivity and computing with AI-based reasoning…

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