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The Centre for Digital Transformation in Cities and Communities is working with research and innovation projects and partnerships that address the digitalisation that is increasingly shaping our cities and communities. Located at Aarhus University’s IT campus, the centre has a human-centric approach to digitalisation and technology applications.

The centre is based on a multiple helix model and has a strong cross-disciplinary and international profile with an office in Brussels. We collaborate with numerous stakeholders in Europe and beyond and coordinate several large, European research and innovation projects, such as SynchroniCity, opening a global market, where cities and businesses develop IoT- and AI-enabled services to improve the lives of citizens and to grow local economies and Next Generation Internet of Things, developing the roadmap for IoT in Europe for the period of 2020-2027. We lead communications in the Interreg project, SCORE,  and are founding member of the global smart city network, Open & Agile Smart Cities and the Creative Ring.


We work closely together with both local and global partners and we are always on the lookout for new people, who can become part of our ever-expanding network.

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Stay tuned for more information!