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Danish Webinar: Smart Cities - What are the next steps?

Cities and companies in Denmark are becoming more and more ready to use smart city solutions, but they still have uncertainties about the market and how to enter it. To help overcome them, the webinar “Smart city - sådan kommer vi videre” aimed to help take the next steps towards implementing smart city solutions.

The webinar was held on 16 March and was organised by Dansk Industri Digital in partnership with We Build Denmark. Throughout the webinar, participants were offered a hands-on starter pack for implementing smart city solutions, filled with information about public fundings, innovation systems, standards and recommendations, an overview of the market and many concrete examples of smart city solutions.

Summary of the Webinar

The webinar was curated by Morten Kristiansen from Dansk Industri.

Jacob Lundgaard, Development Manager for Smart Cities at We Build Denmark, talked about innovation systems for smart cities such as clusters, labs and cooperations.

DITCOM Centre Leader and Chair of OASC, Martin Brynskov, presented guidelines and recommendations for implementing smart city solutions, both nationally through the Danish Smart City Guide by Dansk Standard, and internationally through several initiatives and partnerships such as OASC, U4SCC and WEF.

Anders Mynster from FORCE Technology presented an overview of the Danish IoT landscape and the complex IoT ecosystem, which is often challenging to comprehend when implementing IoT solutions.

Claus Jelle from Telia talked about crowd insights and behaviour patterns in a smart city, highlighting the potentials of data insights for Danish municipalities.

As part of  the webinar, a wide range of examples and cases were presented by Systematic, Xtel Wireless and Microsoft to show the possibilities and challenges of smart city solutions.

Watch the recordings of the webinar here:

Slides from the presentations can be found here: