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The Centre for the Digital and Green Transformation in Cities and Communities conducts research on the complex field of smart cities and communities, where humans and digital technologies come together. Our take on the topic of digital transformation in cities and communities is human-centric, highlighting the importance of ethics, trust, security, and above all, co-creation.

With the increasing urbanisation come challenges such as overburdened infrastructure, increased energy consumption, air pollution, etc. An endless list of challenges that digital technologies can help overcome. We, at the Centre for Digital and Green Transformation in Cities and Communities, strive to enrich our understanding of how the development and deployment of new technologies in urban and rural settings and communities can contribute to creating sustainable societies. Our research revolves around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, in particular SDG 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities” and SDG 13 “Climate Action”.

Creating smart and sustainable cities and communities is an important step to fight climate change and build a better future, but more knowledge is needed to achieve this. Our research on the digital landscape is diverse but is primarily organised around four different themes: Smart Cities & Communities, Internet of Things (IoT), Living Labs and Standards.

Are you a researcher or student and interested in working with us? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always looking for new talents.

Senior Scientific Advisor

Adriënne Heijnen

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