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The Centre for Digital Transformation in Cities and Communities works with research and innovation projects and partnerships that address the digitalisation that is increasingly shaping our cities and communities. Located at Aarhus University, the centre has a human-centric approach to digitalisation and technology applications.

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DITCOM Annual Report 2019

Take a look at DITCOM's Annual Report for 2019 [PDF]. Here you can find last year's highlights, projects, events, publications and much more. You will get a full overview of the centre and its networks and partnerships, and see what is planned for the upcoming years.

Highlight: Learn how to scale with the SynchroniCity guide

SynchroniCity, as a project, has ended. We are hoping that the learnings from the project will live on and inspire others to develop scalable digital solutions for cities and communities. We have made a video and a guide that explain how to scale with the OASC MIMs. Watch the video below and find the complete guide here.


2020.09.17 | DITCOM

Danske byer og den grøn-digitale omstilling

Hvilken rolle kan danske kommuner spille i de meget ambitiøse EU-initiativer i den grøn-digitale omstilling? Den 5. oktober 2020 blev blev webinaret ”Europæiske Missioner for Danske Kommuner” afholdt for danske kommuner og deres leverandører om bl.a. de europæiske såkaldte ”missioner”. Her på siden finder du programmet, videoer med oplæggene og et…

2020.09.17 | Grants

AUFF awards Starting Grant to Christoph Raetzsch for a project on “Journalism for Civic Communication in Urban Spaces”

The research fund of Aarhus University (AUFF) has awarded a starting grant to Christoph Raetzsch for a research project on journalism for civic communication in urban spaces. The two-year project addresses a gap between journalism studies and smart city research, taking the datafication of urban spaces as an opportunity for journalism to go beyond…

2020.09.04 | Awards

European Innovation Radar Names DITCOM Key Innovator - Twice!

Aarhus University’s Centre for Digital Transformation in Cities and Communities (AU DITCOM) is recognised twice as a key innovator by the European Commission’s Innovation Radar for its achievements in SynchroniCity, the European Large-Scale Pilot for smart cities and communities.

2020.06.09 | Blog, DITCOM

IoT enabled smart cities and communities – Here to stay and grow!

This blog provides a snapshot of some interesting development areas which happen to be on the radar screen of smart cities and communities as well as their ICT providers. These areas need further technology development (including standards), piloting and experience sharing before entering the mainstream.

2020.05.06 | DITCOM

Meet Our New Student Assistant

Kalle Kusk Gjetting just joined our team as the new student assistant at the Centre for Digital Transformation in Cities and Communities


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