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The Centre for the Digital and Green Transformation in Cities and Communities works with research and innovation projects and partnerships that address the digital and green transition that is shaping our cities and communities. Located at Aarhus University, the centre has a human and ecosystem centric approach to digitalisation and technology as enablers for green and liveable societies.

OMEGA-X. Orchestrating an interoperable Multi-vector Energy data space built on open standards & ready for GAia-X.

An Energy Data Space to boost the European data economy

DITCOM leads the Social Sciences and Humanities activities in the Horizon Europe project OMEGA-X, led by the global leader i digital transformation ATOS. 

Large amounts of valuable data are available in energy systems. However, they are often underused, and their full potential is not being extracted. The smart energy system of the future can be more efficiently operated and designed through a holistic approach that considers its multiple energy vectors (electricity, gas, heat…). This means dealing with diverse data inputs, which is feasible if the interoperability between their corresponding data platforms is ensured. OMEGA-X, a European funded project, aims to tackle this challenge and to implement an Energy Data Space.

The Data Space that OMEGA-X aims for, is one based on European common standards, including federated infrastructure, data marketplace and service marketplace, involving data sharing between different stakeholders and demonstrating its value for real and concrete Energy use cases and needs, while guaranteeing scalability and interoperability with other Data Space initiatives, not just for energy but also cross-sector.

“There will be no Green Energy Transition without full digitalization. There will be no EU data strategy without data sharing. Data Spaces can answer to both challenges at once, being Energy one of the flagship use cases.” Javier Valiño – Atos

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe Framework Programme under grant agreement No. 101069287.

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